Specialized services in Air Cargo

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Heavy and Outside Cargo

We consolidate and transport all your business needs.

Heavy & outsize cargo up to 240 tonnes and with global coverage. Boeing B757 equipment F / Boeing B707 / Douglas DC8 / Douglas DC10-30 / Boeing B727-100 / Boeing B727-200 Boeing B747-400. MD-11 Airbus A300F 80Toneladas 44 Tons / Airbus A310 / DC9 -32 12 tons.


Freight forwarding

National and International Air Cargo:

* Airfreight
* Import & Export of General Cargo.
* Services consolidated import and export routes.
* Management of direct shipments.
* Permanent Consulting in selecting the best options for office.


Cargo Handling

* Import Export Management (In and out)
* Revision (video camera, scanner, x-rays)
* Reception Load / strapping, netting,
* Handling Storage
* Palletizing
* Marking (labeling) of offices.
* Stowage
* Dolly Lifts / Elevators - Tractors.


Ground Handling

* Loading and Unloading the plane.
* Maintenance Assistance online.
* Service to the aircraft auxiliary power.
* Aircraft Towing Service.
* Push back's



In El Dorado Airport and Jose Maria Cordova Airport we have a partnership that allows us to offer a platform of 12,000 m2 between storage warehouses and parking platforms for Loading and Unloading. Receiving, handling and storage of cargo. Storage cellars covered with cameras and security personnel. Consolidation, management and distribution of load. Excellence in handling Perishables, Dangerous Goods and Dry Cargo.


Ground Transportation

We have vehicles suitable for ground transportation service according to their needs.

If you require more information please contact.

We transsporte to 3 tons, 6 tonelas, 9 tons and 25 tons.


Charter Flights

In business associate complement the service offering charter flights loading and unloading at origin and destination, we appropriate to 100% of the operation because their cargo reaches destination without complications.

We connect your cargo to any destination in the world.



We have capacity to handle Perishables at our office in Bogota and Medellin, for storage of perishable cargo requiring refrigeration.

Each has a capacity of 92 pallets P1P and / or 30 tons of cargo.


Specialized Security

We have:

* Qualified Guard 24 hours.
* Save Canino and Canine.
* Specializing in narcotics and explosives Security.

Experience and Quality

Efficiently and safely serve with destinations in the Americas and Asia.