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Special Cargo Transport



live animals

Air Cargo Pack is able to transport any living animal because we know that they need special handling in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the company and the Regulations on the Transport of Live Animals IATA (LAR).

In Air Cargo Pack we have the right equipment and personnel to transport the animals with respect, sensitivity and responsibility.



We know that these are difficult times and we understand your needs, try each shipment with care and respect to ensure optimum arrival at the final destination. We provide air transport of corpses or cremated human remains.

The corpse is considered special charge and will only be accepted for transport on the basis of confirmed space from origin to final destination.



We have the necessary experience for the transport of that cargo by value requires high priority and expedited handling.

Air Cargo Pack is able to carry:

• Gold bullion, currency, travelers checks, jewelery, precious stones and actions.



Air Cargo Pack is able to transport the goods by its constitution can pose a risk to health or property of persons, flight safety, and the environment; therefore, to be transported by air must comply with the Regulation of Dangerous Goods Manual IATA regulations.

We have specialized personnel air cargo handling dangerous goods in a safe and responsible manner.



Air Cargo Pack provides specialized solutions for every kind of pharmaceutical and chemical products. Mindful requirements such as safety and security in the handling of each product, always with the main objective to meet the highest standards of quality and hygiene.

We Monitor the required temperature from start to finish to avoid any change in temperature shipping compromise nature.



Air Cargo Pack has the expertise and infrastructure to transport all kinds of products that are not considered as dangerous goods by IATA or any packaging that requires special treatment.

We have designed solutions Airlift export and import to suit the needs of urgency or specialization of each type of goods.



Air Cargo Pack is currently one of the leading freight forwarders in perishables industry, with agents specializing in all our bases.

Air Cargo Pack meets the highest quality standards for the care and offer services and solutions for the Air Transport Industry Perishables, national, export or import.



We know specialization, complexity and management burden of the energy industry, which is why our specialized staff will solve their need for Air Transport regardless of the volume and / or weight, guaranteeing the proper management of loading and / or emergency .

We offer space solutions and personalized monitoring 24/7.


automotive industry

In Air Cargo Pack we know that for the automotive industry one of the main factors is properly meet delivery times for customers, which is why we offer our services Airlift export or import with appropriate monitoring and constant communication .

Experience and Quality

Efficiently and safely serve with destinations in the Americas and Asia